Using Arm Slings or Wrist Straps

Wrist straps, or Weight-lifting straps, are short canvas strips which wrap around the wrist and around the bar (Fig. 6-a,b). They take much of the stress off of the forearm muscles the "gripping muscles" of the hand.

To use, wrap the straps several times around the bar (see insert) and grip them. You should only need to grip the straps tightly enough to keep them from unravelling.If the straps are positioned correctly, you should feel the stress transferred to your wrists.

Using wrist straps proper leg raises

Using Arm Slings

Arm slings are loops of leather or fabric which hang from the chinning bar (Fig. 7-a). They are an effective way to spare your the stress of hanging, but they must be used carefully because they can encourage your back to arch, increasing psoas involvement (Fig. 7-e). If you use arm slings, make a special effort to maintain an upward tilt of your pelvis to prevent your back from arching (Fig. 7-d).

To use, slide your arms through the loops to point just below your armpits (Fig. 7-b; you may need to stand on a stool do this). The further in you can comfortably place the strap, the less effort it will take to hold yourself in position.

We recommend wearing a sweatshirt to protect your skin from possible abrasion. Perform the exercise as detailed on the previous page

Using Arm slings for Leg Raises

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