Daily Body building workout Program

Beginner level: Incorporating functional strength exercises. At this level we pre-exhaust even if it's not necessary. This decreases the amount of weight you are able to handle during the functional strength work, limiting the strain on joints and tendons.

A word on weight loss. The law of calorie balance is an unbreakable law of physics: Energy in versus energy out dictates whether you will gain, lose or maintain your weight. Period. (If you don't exercise and reduce your calorie intake you will lose weight on the other hand if you start exercising and your calorie intake stays the same you will lose weight).
1 Time Abs Routine
No rest
Legs 3 Super- sets Squats-----------------------------------------------------------8-10 Reps
Side Leg Raises-------------------------------------------------8-10 Reps
No rest
Legs 3 Super- sets Leg Extension----------------------------------------------------10-12 Reps
First two sets toes pointed, third set, toes back
Hamstring curls---------------------------------------------------10-12 Reps
No rest
Lower Back 2 sets Hyperextensions-------------------------------------------------10-12 Reps
10 Second rest in between sets
No rest
Chest and Back 3 Super-sets Bench Press-------------------------------------------------------8-10 Reps
Close-Grip Pull Downs--------------------------------------------8-10 Reps
Bench press and pull downs is one set.
Rest 45 seconds to a minute in between sets
No rest
Shoulders (21's) 2 Giant Sets
Behind the neck Military press-------------------------------------7 Reps
Side Delts Flyes-----------------------------------------------------7 Reps
Front delts Flyes-----------------------------------------------------7 Reps
21 reps is one set. Rest 45 seconds to a minute in between sets
You will have to experiment with the amount of weight to use. Do 30 to 45 Minutes of cardio after your weight training, doing cardio at the end of your workout will burn more fat, because you used carbohydrates for fuel while working with weights. If you don't have the time do cardio. Do it the next day on an empty stomach.
This routine should be done for at least six months before moving up. Be safe not sorry. Moving up in weight and intensively to quickly may results in injury. (If your over 40 know your body, be careful)  Always consult your Doctor before starting any exercise program.

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